Oct 13, 2015

Home visit: Impact Hub Athens – the new creative citadel in the ancient capital



We interviewed Ms. Elena Lambrou – a Head Host at the Impact Hub Athens. She gave us her personal insight for that unique space.

Elena Lambrou

The Impact Hub Athens is housed in a historical building made by Ernst Ziller – “The German who beautified Athens” – in the district of Psyri in the heart of Athens. Its streets walked by the likes of Socrates and Byron, the district bears an enormous creative charge. «Here we have created friendly, comfortable spaces for co-working, meetings and events that inspire and connect people. Spaces that empower the entrepreneurial spirit and offer new prospects. Our spaces have a physical, iconic and social status and help to implement change, offering a unique mix of facilities, connections and inspiration», says Elena.

In the 480 square meters of the building about 60 people can be hosted for coworking and about 100 people for events. There are also 2 private meeting rooms, ideal for group meetings, which are set up according to the needs of the people that use them and the specific situations and a 80 square meter courtyard.

Very different types of events can be hosted at IHA as the facilities can be adapted to particular needs of each event. They are planned and arranged in cooperation with each client .

Elena explains: “What distinguishes us most from our competitors is that our space feels like home.Whoever enters feels that way because of the aesthetics, our services and our participation in the process. The staging of the space is also domestic-style, with sofas and large cushions. We provide the welcoming of guests, serving, input for the content and the methodology of the presentation, the agenda, the speakers and generally activate our entire network so that the event reaches its best potential. We also help with promotion, making contact with audiences that are interested in each case. Impact Hub is a community  of quite diverse people: tech, artists, business, social. In this circles the events easily find audiences”.


The Impact Hub can host:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Speeches
  • Seminars
  • Press Conferences
  • Corporate Events
  • Workshops
  • Artistic performances (live music, theatrical plays, screenings etc)
  • Co-working

“The topics are quite specific (tech, environment, vulnerable social groups, business, fair trade etc). We are happy with our focused topics and we do not plan to expand to other types of events. The brand name, the topics, and the uniqueness of the space help to cover a great deal of our capacity without focused marketing campaigns. Although we have noticed that there are similar spaces with lower prices or even free”, says Elena.

The space is polymorphic so there are many different choices. Each customer chooses a totally different setup. For example the coffee break can be in the first floor or in the courtyard. The space is adapted to the needs of the customer: some may ask for computers, lighting and stationary. Others have asked for a photographer or camera man for a video, lunch, cocktails and catering in general.

Elena recalls: “We once hosted a event for a big corporation. We usually greet the guests to give our personal touch to each event but they refused in a not so polite way. There was also a live music performance where the team of the artist came to set up the place. 15 minutes before the show the artist checked out the setting and she was very disappointed so we had to mobilize everyone in order to change it again. In general, last minute changes on matters that require time, energy and sometimes money are a “adventure” we experience with quite a few customers”.


Impact Hub as many events in store, but the two most important ones for the near future are «Athens Wireless Summit 2015» and «Warriors Without Weapons». We will give more detailed articles about them in the future posts of our Blog.

This location will soon be available for booking at bespaced.com